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Put Pain on Ice with Help from Arnica


Put Pain on Ice with Help from Arnica
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For some, it comes after a long day at work. With others, it’s the result of a weekly round of golf or time spent in the garden. But no matter what brings it on, pain seems to get the best of all of us.  

Research recently published in The Journal of the International Association for the Study of Pain reports that more than 50 million adults say they experience pain on most days or every day1. Data from that announcement came courtesy of the 2019 edition of the National Health Interview Study, which also found that the most common pain locations were the back, hip, knee and foot1. 

Historically, pain (especially in the back) has been one of the most common reasons why someone would visit their primary care practitioner or family doctor. In response, some physicians might suggest a regimen of icing, stretching, physical therapy or medications to help treat the debilitating symptoms of that presenting pain.  

But physicians like Martha Hackett, M.D. now trust all-natural anti-inflammatories like CBD to help patients treat their pain2. Research indicates that CBD may be especially effective at reducing acute inflammation3, a condition that frequently occurs after an injury. 

Another alternative to potentially time-consuming PT programs and habit-forming pain meds is the use of a topical cream that includes the remnants of a perennial plant called Arnica montana, also known as just arnica. While formalized research on the efficacy of arnica is limited in scope, there have been studies that showed it to be particularly effective at reducing pain and stiffness in patients suffering from osteoarthritis4,5 

When Woven Earth created our Relief Cream, we sought out ingredients to infuse with our full-spectrum hemp extract—and arnica was the perfect addition. People trust Woven Earth and our Relief Cream to tackle their muscle aches and soreness, and arnica is a big reason why. 

To learn more about our Relief Cream, read reviews from customers and purchase a tube for yourself, visit the Woven Earth Shop.

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