Woven Earth

Pure Plant. Pure Healing.


WE are Woven Earth – caretakers of our planet and the people who live on it.

All of our products are made with full-spectrum hemp oil derived from plants grown on the fields of local farms in Person County, North Carolina.  We don’t alter, we don’t change, we use the whole hemp plant to develop the highest quality lipid infused oil, which acts as the leading ingredient in all of our products.


We use a lipid infusion process to create our foundational full-spectrum hemp oil. We favor this method because it uses the whole plant, and we believe that keeping the plant in its most natural state, allows the body for better absorption. Our oil is dark green and smells like hemp, the same as it does in Nature.

Organically Grown

All of our hemp is organically grown on small family farms in NC, VA, CA and CO

Third Party Tested

We send each of our products out for testing to ensure every batch is high quality

Grown in the USA

Great soil, great farmers and a great way to grow the very best hemp on the planet


Woven Earth CBD products promote wellness and bring awareness to the healing properties of hemp through natural, pure, organic products


I own a nursery and for years I have been waking up in the morning with stiff joints for years. I would have to rotate my arm and the joints in my legs before attempting to get up and stand up.

Since I started taking CBD capsules (Woven Earth) I have had no problem getting up and getting to work for the day.

– Bill

I am 70 years old and have been dealing with knee pain for years, and taking lots of ibuprophin. I started taking CBD capsules about a month ago. My knees feel better and my mood is better.

– John P

I started taking Woven Earth CBD capsules 3 times a day for a degenerative neck condition (arthritis) which had been aggravated by a rear end motor vehicle accident. After about 10 days I noticed the following effects:

  • Significant reduction of neck pain
  • Improved sleep
  • A calming effect throughout the day
  • Stiffness getting up after sitting or driving was gone
  • Discomfort after waking was gone (foot pain, knee pain, etc.)

– Barb M


Woven Earth is proud of our transparency, as we’re able to track each step along our products’ journey. We collaborate with our farmers who grow our organic hemp, hand process and formulate each one of our products to provide wellness and relief, and then converse and listen to our supporters who help us improve our mission.


We would love to talk with you about our products and field any questions that you may have.

Our sister retail store, Rooted for Life, is located at
44 Gordon St Ste 20, Roxboro, NC 27573.

Operating hours are:
T | W | TH | F 11AM – 5PM
S 11AM – 4PM

The store can be reached by phone at 336.322.3661