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All About Our Gentle, Whole Plant Lipid Extraction Process


All About Our Gentle, Whole Plant Lipid Extraction Process
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While other hemp products rely on chemicals or solvents to extract and refine CBD, our gentle process helps preserve the integrity of the plant’s contents, which means more pure phytonutrients for you.  Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Harvest

First, we begin with the best raw material. We use only organically grown hemp, which is consistently tested to ensure organic farming practices. Since the majority of the cannabinoids are found in the hemp flower — not the stalk or leaves — the mature flowers are separated from the rest of the plant for our use.

Step 2: Grind & Mix

The hemp flower is milled to a consistent size, which helps maximize availability of the cannabinoids during extraction, and mixed with organic MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil from coconuts. Since CBD is lipophilic (fat soluble), it’s most effective when combined with a carrier like MCT oil as it allows CBD to enter the bloodstream in higher volumes.

Step 3: Heat

The mixture of flower and oil is subjected to just the right amount of heat and pressure, which is when all of the components of the plant — cannabinoids, terpenes, chlorophyll, flavonoids, etc — are infused into MCT oil, resulting in a rich, deep green blend.

Step 4: Hand-Press

Next, the mixture of flower and oil is hand pressed to separate out the solids from the plant and recover the nutrient-dense oil. Think of this step as removing the coffee grounds from your French Press.

Step 5: Formulate

The oil undergoes a final round of filtration to remove and fine particle matter or undesirable solids. Our high quality hemp extract is then bottled or inserted into vegan capsules for your use.

Step 6: Sealed & Delivered

Finally, each product receives a COA (certificate of analysis), almost like a report card, which shows when and where it was tested, and outlines its contents, potency and purity, so that you know you’re getting the best product possible to incorporate into your wellness routine.

We often tell people that Woven Earth full-spectrum hemp extract is deep green for a reason: It’s thanks to our gentle lipid extraction process. We take a lot of pride in using the best organically grown, nutrient-dense hemp sourced from Virginia farms.

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