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CBD for Tooth Pain in 2022 - Does it Help?


CBD for Tooth Pain in 2022 - Does it Help?
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Managing tooth pain is a sensitive subject. Tooth decay or general tooth pain can cause chronic pain and tooth sensitivity. Either a sharp pain or a throbbing pain may actually be too much for you to handle!

A simple and effective treatment for managing dental pain is to apply a CBD treatment to the affected area. This will soon alleviate any pain and help ease dentist-related anxiety too.

Offering additional anti-inflammatory properties, CBD acts as an all-in-one application for immediate relief.

Our expert review will tell you everything you need to know about CBD for tooth pain and how it can help you!

What is CBD?

CBD is also known as cannabidiol and is derived from hemp. Unlike THC, CBD causes no psychoactive effects and you cannot achieve a ‘high’. CBD is legal federally, after the 2018 Farm Bill, although there are stipulations and exceptions to its use.

Many CBD users purchase CBD products to ease pain and calm inflammation. But, can you use CBD specifically for dental pain?

Our expert guide explains the best way to use CBD for tooth pain. Woven Earth has a great range of CBD products to purchase! If you are new to CBD, why not try the best sellers’ bundle?

What Are the Benefits of CBD? 

The interaction between CBD and the endocannabinoid system in your body provides a remit of benefits for the body and mind. CBD interacts to relieve tooth pain and aid pain management.


CBD can help your body tackle inflammation or chronic pain when it is rubbed topically on the skin or gums. Applying CBD oil directly to the area of pain can provide an instant benefit. You could also ingest CBD gummies or hemp oil capsules to receive the anti-inflammatory effects.

Pain Relief 

One of the main reasons people use CBD products is to aid pain relief. Sufferers of chronic conditions, such as arthritis and MS, can benefit greatly from CBD oil. You will also benefit from using CBD if you are experiencing a toothache.

Reduced Levels of Anxiety and Depression

CBD is a perfect relaxant for your body and your mind. Whilst it does require more research, wellness professionals declare that using CBD can help mental health conditions and psychiatric disorders.

Sleep Improvement 

CBD relaxes your body and alleviates stress. This, in turn, helps you to sleep better and to sleep for longer durations.

Autoimmune Diseases 

If you suffer from an autoimmune disease, you can benefit greatly from medications that reduce inflammation and relax your immune response. CBD can help your body in this way and so, can benefit patients with autoimmune diseases.

Minimize Risk of Gum Disease 

CBD may be able to calm inflammation caused by gum disease and contribute to reducing your risk of it too. CBD offers aesthetic and antiseptic properties, perfect for helping your mouth be healthy!

Minimize Fear of the Dentist 

CBD relaxes you and can ease anxiety. Many people feel anxious before a dentist visit but using CBD can help you to feel calm and at ease.

Aid Recovery After Dental Surgery 

Once you have had surgery, you are vulnerable to infection, pain, and inflammation. CBD possesses antiseptic and anesthetic qualities and can help your recovery.

 CBD for Tooth Pain - Woven Earth

Can CBD Oil be Used for Treating Tooth Pain? 

Did you know that you can rub CBD oil directly onto your gums? If you have tooth pain, simply rub CBD oils onto the area that is causing you pain. CBD offers anti-inflammation and pain relief qualities that will ease your toothache instantly!

CBD oils will also ease and relax your mind, eliminating the anxiety you felt as a result of the toothache. You will also be able to sleep better straight away!

Causes of Tooth Pain 

There are many reasons why you may experience tooth pain. The main cause of tooth pain is tooth decay, causing dull tooth pain or nerve pain. Whatever the cause of tooth pain, you could feel better immediately by using CBD for your dental pain!

Alveolar Osteitis 

If you have had a permanent tooth removed, you may experience inflammation of the alveolar bone. CBD oil can help relieve the pain caused by inflammation.


Pericoronitis involves the infection and inflammation of the gum surrounding your wisdom teeth. CBD can help ease this inflammation and provide pain relief, aiding your gum health.

Dentine Sensitivity 

You may experience acid erosion if you clean your teeth too often! Dentine sensitivity can be very painful, although the pain can be eased by using CBD oil.

Dental Pulpitis 

Inflammation of the pulp causes dental pulpitis, although the inflammation can be treated with CBD oil to relieve your dental pain.


Do you grind your teeth as a habit? The name for this is Bruxism and it can damage your teeth and cause you pain. CBD can aid in the relief of any dental pain.

Risks and Side Effects of CBD 

All medications and supplements carry a risk of side effects, despite offering pain relief. What are the main risks and side effects of using CBD for tooth pain?

Gum and Periodontal Disease

An infection of the gum, or periodontal disease is when the gum surrounding the tooth is damaged. In severe cases, you could lose a tooth.

Dry Mouth

CBD may cause your mouth to feel dry. This is because CBD can inhibit the creation of saliva in your mouth. 


A cough or sore throat may occur as a CBD side effect, particularly if you vape.


CBD may ease the symptoms of psychiatric disorders and mental health anxiety


CBD is a great relaxer and many users prefer to consume the substance in the evening when they can unwind. However, in some people, the relaxation may cause a drowsy or sedated effect.


In some people, CBD can cause dizziness or vertigo. 

Upset Stomach  

Depending on your method of CBD consumption, you may experience an upset stomach or diarrhea.


If you are taking prescription medication, check with your medical professional before consuming CBD. CBD may react adversely with some medication and so you should always check this with an expert first. 


Can I put CBD oil on my gums? 

Yes, you can put CBD oil on your gums! If you are experiencing a toothache or any other dental pain, applying CBD oil directly to the gum provides instant relief! CBD is great for inflammation and pain relief, offering the best solution to your toothache.

Can I brush my teeth after using CBD oil?

Once you have consumed CBD oil, allow the oil to settle in your mouth before brushing your teeth. Of course, brushing your teeth is good for your dental health so make sure you still brush regularly! The toothpaste and the brushing may wash away some of the CBD and limit its effects.

Can I drive after taking CBD oil? 

It is advised that you should not drive or operate machinery after taking CBD oil. CBD relaxes your body and mind and causes you to feel drowsy or tired.

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CBD For Tooth Pain - Woven Earth


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