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When to Take CBD Oil for Sleep: The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Better Sleep


When to Take CBD Oil for Sleep: The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Better Sleep
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Did you know that your sleep duration can affect your creativity and your decision-making skills? A good night’s rest can also help in reducing your  stress levels and in promoting sleep.  

However, trouble sleeping is becoming more commonplace as a result of work stress, health, and life in general. CBD use for improved sleep is now a focal point in the wellness industry. CBD oil can relax your body and your mind to aid in achieving better sleep quality.

Support your sleep by taking CBD oil every night as part of your nightly routine.

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant and is a non-psychoactive substance. This cannabinoid is federally legal across most states and may help you with certain health issues and achieve a night of restful sleep. 

    When to Take CBD Oil for Sleep - Woven Earth

    Why do You Struggle to Sleep? Conditions and Factors 

    Do you achieve 7 hours of sleep each nightThat is the amount of sleep recommended by the CDC for US adults. However, around a third of adults in the US fail to get 7 hours of sleep each night on a regular basis, therefore, they achieve poor sleep on a regular basis.

    Continuously failing to sleep enough can lead to an increased possibility of obesity and other health issues. Consuming stimulants, such as caffeine, can prohibit your sleep, in addition to stress or a poor work-life balance.


    What you consume and put into your body can affect your ability to sleep. Eating a poor-quality diet can overstimulate your body and interfere with sleep.


    Not moving during the day means that you are living a sedentary lifestyle. Continuous sedentary behavior makes it more likely that you will experience trouble sleeping.


    If you eat too much food, especially spicier food, you may feel heartburn and discomfort when you are trying to sleep. 


    If you are stressed, your mind is overworked and cannot switch off. You are vulnerable to sleeplessness and need to relax and allow your body to sleep.

    Working from Home

    Whilst working from home has its practical benefits, do you know when to switch the computer off?

    Many people experience a poor work-life balance and may work late into the night finishing their work. Separating your work from your home life when you’re working from home is important, so your body and mind can relax.

    How Does CBD Help You Sleep?

    CBD is like relaxation in a bottle! Here, we’ll explain how CBD really can potentially help:

    Relieve Muscle Soreness

    The synergy between CBD and receptors may help to alleviate muscle aches and pains.

    Occasional Restlessness

    Relaxing the mind and the body at once can send you into a blissful sleep. CBD can be instrumental in removing your sleep barriers.

    When to Take CBD Oil For Sleep - Woven Earth

    How Can You Take CBD Oil to Help You Sleep?

    Follow these steps to take CBD oil:

    1. Place a 0.5-1 ml drop of CBD oil under your tongue. 
    2. Do this 20-40 minutes before you go to bed. 
    3. Try to ensure that the oil rests for 30 seconds before you swallow. 
    4. We recommend to take this every night at the same time to achieve a great night’s sleep!

      CBD products are flooding the market! There are so many different CBD products to try, from oil, capsules, gummies, and even bath bombs. Support your quality of sleep with these amazing sleep aids!

      The best quality CBD products include hemp oil capsules, which are easier to use if you prefer capsules to oil drops. Woven Earth has a great CBD oil supply bundle so you can try a range of products and then pick your favorites!

      Side Effects and Risks of CBD 

      As with all medicines and supplements, there are side effects to consider.


      Diarrhea can be a side effect of CBD oil. If you do begin to experience diarrhea, reduce or withdraw your CBD oil usage and seek the advice of a medical practitioner.


      A rare side effect of consuming CBD oil is vomiting. You should ask your medical practitioner for advice if this side effect occurs.

      Drug Interactions 

      If you take other drugs, check that they are safe to interact with CBD oil. Before using CBD oil, it is best to seek professional medical advice.


      If using CBD oil is making you feel fatigued or affecting your sleep quality negatively, opt for a different CBD product. You could try CBD gummies as they are a less potent variety.


      If you have difficulty sleeping and need to improve your sleep routine, taking CBD oils can help solve those sleepless nights! Forget taking sleeping pills and trust the cannabis plant to provide a generally safe, wellness alternative.

      Try CBD oil to relax your body and calm your mind! Visit Woven Earth today for great bundle deals and high-quality hemp oil capsules


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